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Firman Fire & Safety provides sales and service of a range of fire suppression systems. We protect lives and help to prevent your valuable property from the damage caused by unexpected fires.

Our firm has experience dealing with a wide array of clients, from malls and apartment buildings to schools and residential homeowners. We are also certified in service and maintenance of all pre-engineers restaurant fire suppression systems. Call us or come by our store for more information about how to properly protect yourself and your property.


When activated a carbon dioxide fire suppression system releases a gaseous agent into the fire. It extinguishes the flames by displacing the oxygen. These systems work quickly, efficiently, and leave no residue. Many places that have printing presses, spray booths, flammable liquid storage, and dip tanks utilize this system. Major issues with carbon dioxide fire suppression systems are that the gaseous agent is extremely dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide fire suppression system’s locations are sometimes where people work. In this scenario, facilities must take certain precautionary measures to comply with NFPA and OSHA requirements. These additional precautionary measures help to protect facility’s personnel.

Wet Chemical

Cooking applications use wet chemical fire suppression systems. When there’s an emergency the system dispenses a chemical; suppresses the fire, blankets the flames, and prevents the fire from reigniting. This fire suppression system requires minimal cleanup after an activation which prevents loss of work and profits.

Dry Chemical

Dry chemical fire suppression systems expel a chemical powder designed to extinguish flames caused by flammable and combustible liquids. Some areas in a facility that use the chemical powder agent include mechanical rooms, furnace rooms, flammable liquid storage areas, and other places as well. Dry chemical fire suppression systems work very quickly to extinguish fires, but their chemical agent can cause quite a mess. Although, cleaning up a mess is a small price to pay when compared to the detrimental results of a fire.

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